Brian Alley (Banjo)

Brian Selfie.jpg

Brian's Been Pickin' and Grinnin' for Most of his Life now...after hearing a banjo for the first time at the age of 12 and getting that excited/nauseated feeling most people interpret as a signal to instinctively flee, he quickly took to banjo music. he snatched a banjer out of his daddy's hands and has been noodling with the 5-string ever since. greatly influenced by earl scruggs (of course), Bela Fleck, Danny Barnes, noam pikelny and countless Greats too numerous to mention, he strives to channel the sound of his favorite pickers, while still creating a sound that is his own. he also enjoys beer. a little too much, maybe.

Rick Olson (mandolin)


rick is the token lefty of the band. which means by default he can't be trusted. however, the band definitely trusts in him to dish out tasty high frequency licks for maximum rock-out-ability. he's a talented woodworker, avid outdoorsman, and loving father to his mostly-obedient mutt. if you need fine furniture, quality cabinetry, gift ideas for wedding/bar mitzvah/apology, or just a good cry, rick's your guy.


Casey Davidson (bass)

Casey Davidson.jpg

casey (aka "case of bass") is the "true" musician of the bunch. the rest of us are merely pickers. when we need to know the relative minor of a key (whatever the hell that means), we ask casey. it's no wonder such a talented musician such as casey finds his musical roots in a wide variety of genres and styles. and until out west makes it big and takes this thing on the road- Groupies and all- casey will continue to spend the bulk of his time rocking out to '90's tunes that we'll never take the time to learn (no offense to grandaddy or smashing pumpkins). it's ok casey, we still love you.

justin eubanks (guitaR )


Justin Eubanks, or "Brewbanks" as we like to call him is a true wonder of nature. His many talents and ability to write songs, sing, and pick the heckfire out of multiple instruments makes him a true standout- not just within Out West, but amongst any of the pickers we've ever come across. He's a very interesting man- World traveler, multi-linguist, and as you can see from those quads in the photo above, marathon runner (nice cutoffs, J). He's one of those guys who can tell a really dirty joke to someone he's never met before,without coming off as creepy. Also, we're pretty sure he was raised by hyenas. We've never met his parents so there's no reason to believe otherwise.

michael cullinan (Fiddle )

michael cullinan, wow i mean whaddya say? the tastiest, juiciest fiddler we know with a sense of humor drier than matzoh meal before it's been turned into a ball. Yeah, that dry. he's a true face-melter and if there's a single reason to make the trip out to one of our shows, it probably should be to hear this man make that fiddle scream. hailing from sequim, washington (pronounced skwim) we were surprised to find that he did not make the "Top 10 reasons to visit sequim" list, as decided by the people of sequim. do you know anyone from sequim? no? Well now you do.