Hard drivin’, boot stompin’, ass-kickin’, grass-lickin’, hootenanny music! Come on down to the hottest show in town.  Dem boys’ll get’r whooped, locked down tight n’ right!  OUT WEST, PICK OR DIE!!!

Have you ever looked into the sky and wished that god would smite those who deserved it? Well, OUT WEST is here to do what GOD FAILED to do.  Each note sears the ears, eliminates your peers, deconstructs your fears… ultimately there will be tears… OF BLOOD!!!!  



Have you ever been lost in the wilderness late at night in the dead of winter, hunted by wolverines thirsty for the blood of a HUMAN ANIMAL???  Wolverines can eat up to four times their own body weight in FLESH.  OUT WEST can eat up to 40 wolverines!!!! Between the five of us, we have over 100 teeth. 

So put on, or take off your best burlap sack clothes, and tromp those bare feet down to a stage near you.  Demand that Out West play, no matter where or what time of day.  Scream until we play.  Obstruct traffic!  Draw a crowd of confused passersby.  Drench yourself in ketchup, while screaming “DRINK WOLVERINES!  DRINK MY SYRUPY BLOOD!”  And soon your every desire will be fulfilled...